How do people come in contact with these viruses?

Humans are the only source for these viruses. These viruses do not multiply outside the human body. The viruses are present in the feces of infected persons and can be transmitted to others when hands are not thoroughly washed after having a bowel movement.

When an infected person who did not wash hands after toileting handles food that is not later cooked, others who eat the food can become infected. Heating foods to cooking temperatures kills these viruses. People also can be infected by drinking water contaminated by sewage containing one of these viruses or by consuming ice made from contaminated water.

Unless thoroughly cooked, shellfish (such as oysters) harvested from waters containing sewage can transmit the viruses. These viruses also are transmitted readily from person to person when hands are not washed after toileting. There is some evidence that the viruses can be transmitted by aerosolized vomit or contact with objects contaminated with fecal material.

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4. How do people come in contact with these viruses?
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