Food Safety Excellence Awards

What is the Food Safety Excellence Award?

A program designed to recognize food establishments who demonstrate a commitment to food safety.  The program began in 2016 and runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.  The Food Safety Excellence Awards Program has been updated for 2023!  There are now three tiers of awards, additional options for submitting supporting documents, and an electronic application form. Download the Food Safety Excellence Awards Flyer (PDF)

2022 Peoria County Food Safety Excellence Award Winners (Facebook Post (Landscape))

Mandatory Criteria for ALL Levels

  • Establishment must be currently open for business and licensed in Peoria County as a Category I, II, or III Food Service Establishment for the entire application year (ineligible:  pushcarts, street and sidewalk vendors, Multi-Event Temporary vendors, & seasonal establishments open less than 6 months per year)
  • Establishment staff must have proof of required certifications and/or trainings (i.e., Food Handler, Food Protection Manager, Allergen)
  • Ownership has not changed during the application year
  • License was renewed before becoming delinquent
  • License has not been suspended or revoked during the application year
  • Establishment has been inspected in accordance with the PCCHD frequency requirements
  • Establishment has not exceeded allowable number of violations for the award level (see below)

Mandatory Criteria for GOLD Level

Mandatory Criteria for SILVER Level

Mandatory Criteria for BRONZE Level

  • No Priority (P) and no more than one (1) Priority Foundation (PF) violation during calendar year

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