Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is a public health epidemic that affects the well-being and safety of all Americans. The public health approach brings together community stakeholders and experts across disciplines in a common effort to develop and apply evidence-based interventions. This approach to tackling public health crises has been used to eradicate diseases like polio, reduce smoking deaths, and make cars safer - saving million of lives. We can learn from these successes and apply these lessons to preventing gun violence.

View this short video on Gun Violence from the American Public Health Association

Cure Violence Global Readiness Assessment in Peoria

The Peoria City/County Health Department is working with Cure Violence Global to explore a new model of addressing gun violence in Peoria, Illinois. Cure Violence Global is a violence intervention program that stops the spread of violence by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control. 

The first step was a readiness assessment to work with local stakeholders to get a better understanding of how this Cure Violence model could work in our community.  The Cure Violence 101 Workshop provided a comprehensive introduction to why violence is a health issue and introduction to the Cure Violence Model. Nine workshops were provided located throughout Peoria in October 2022 to community members, residents, elected officials, and stakeholders. The Oct 2022 Cure Violence Workshops (PDF) covered the following topics:

  1. Violence as a health issue
  2. Overview of the health approach
  3. Cure Violence model
  4. Critical elements of implementation
  5. Outcomes and results
  6. Readiness assessment process

Cure Violence presentation update at WTVP At Issue 12-8-22.

 Cure Violence Readiness Assessment Report 12-29-22

Readiness Assessment Slide Deck Power Point 1-18-23.

Cure Violence Readiness Assessment presentation to the community on Facebook Live. 1-18-23.

View the slowed version of the gun violence infogram:

Gun ViolencePicture1