Social Determinants of Health

Healthy People 2030 SDOH Graphic Domain LabelsCommunity Health Policy and Planning (CHPP) addresses social issues that affect health - issues that surface where we live, learn, work, pray, and play - called social determinants of health (SDOH). Our activities strive to engage the community in health equity to create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.

Our methods to improve the SDOH:

  • Community Engagement such as civic participation
  • Partnerships with community organizations, faith community, schools, health agencies 
  • Policy Development and Advocacy such as Health in All Policies, marketing public health messages, and leveraging resources and funds

In addition, the Peoria County Board of Health supports our role in providing an equitable approach towards health with a Racism Position Statement to recognize racism as a public health crisis.

SDOH priorities and programs:

1. Quality Education is the connection between education and health – issues include early childhood development, graduation, and job training.

Our focus areas:

2. Equitable Access to Healthcare is the connection between having equitable access to services and the understanding of health topics – issues include health literacy, internet access, broadband coverage throughout the community, and access to services in marginalized communities.

Our focus areas:

  • Health literacy – This topic is a focus of the Healthcare Collaborative, led by the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria, which includes a group of cross-sector organizations and healthcare agencies advancing health equity.
  • Internet access
  • Broadband availability
  • Access to services across equity zip codes and marginalized communities

3. Economic Stability is the connection between financial resources and health - with issues such as food security, housing stability, poverty, and employment.

Our focus areas:

 4. Social and Community Connectedness is the connection between cohesion of the community and health – with topics such as civic participation, incarceration, and stressful mental health conditions.

Our focus areas:

5. Neighborhood and Built Environment is the connection between where people live and their health – with topics such as air quality, neighborhood crime, transportation, and outdoor safety. Topics include effects of climate change on water and air; gun violence; and infrastructure such as multi-modal use of sidewalks and bike lanes, and access to green space and parks in the community.

Our focus areas: