Community Health Policy and Planning

The Office of Community Health Policy and Planning (CHPP) participates with community partners in advancing population health improvement and evaluating the impact of health issues in Peoria County. Population health planning addresses priority health needs to assure a thriving community that is inclusive and diverse to ensure health equity and provide the opportunity for well-being for all. CHPP oversees the Community Health Needs Assessment and Plan to address health priorities in Peoria County. Advocacy is a strategic approach we take to empower the community and individuals to address these  identified health issues. 

Our policy development and planning activities  include convening community stakeholders to address emerging issues, reviewing grant opportunities with community partners, and using data to drive policies that influence communities to be healthy for everyone. Our services include community outreach and health promotion through public information, media relations, marketing, community education and presentations. Our programs  reflect evidence-based projects that address equity for residents and involve community partnerships. Our programs, services, and strategies work in conjunction with the Community Health Improvement Plan priorities, our Peoria Health Department Strategic Plan, our Health Equity Framework with the Social Determinants of Health, and our Peoria City/County Health Department mission and vision. 

Community Health Assessment & Plan - partnering agencies assess and plan for health priorities for the Tri-county Partnership for a Healthy Community

Child & Family Health - includes WIC - Women, Infants and Children - a nutrition and breastfeeding program for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and children up to age 5

Illinois Tobacco-free Communities - program activities with our partner agencies in the Tri-county area focus on tobacco-free policies to address health and  lung cancer

ISPAN - Illinois State Physical Activity and Nutrition - partner strategies for the Tri-county area address healthy eating and fresh food access, breastfeeding promotion, and physical activity in the built community

Edwards Settlement - project award for lung health from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. -  partner programs target lung health in Peoria and Tazewell counties

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) - strategies to advocate and empower the community and individuals to address the underlying social issues that are the root cause of inequities in health - includes partnering with coalitions and community programs,  engaging the public, and leveraging resources and funds so everyone can live the healthiest life they are able