Cottage Foods

The new Home-to-Market Act went into effect on January 1, 2022, and expanded cottage food productions to include the ability to sell beyond farmer's markets!  The 2022 forms are now available below. 

Want to learn more about Cottage Food?  Download a copy of the Peoria County Cottage Food Guide or attend one of several upcoming virtual training classes.  To learn more about dates and times and to sign up, click here to be taken to our training sign-up page.

Cottage Food Guide Cover

Additional Notes on Cottage Food Registration

Cottage Food Vendors are required to register in the County in which they reside, but may sell in any County in Illinois. The vendors listed below are ONLY those that have registered with the Peoria City/County Health Department to offer approved products produced in a home kitchen.  Cottage Food Vendors who reside in counties other than Peoria must have proper product labeling and be able to provide a registration number that can be verified with the local health department of residence. Registration expires on December 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed utilizing the forms provided by the regulatory authority.  Please note:  the list  below is updated on a monthly basis and is only as accurate as the most recent update.  Contact us at with questions regarding Cottage Foods.

Cottage Food Vendors Registered in Peoria County (as of 03/01/2023)

Cottage Food Vendor Name Registration Number Product Type Registration Year
Paige's Pastries T143-11894 Baked Goods 2023
Wild Tiger T143-11912 Roasted Coffee 2023
Rosie Acres Bakery T143-11803 Baked Goods, Fruit Butters 2023
The Pie Doctor T143-10999 Baked Goods 2023
Blackbeard Canning Company T143-11144 Hot Sauce, Baked Goods, Pickles, Coffee 2023
That's My Jam T143-11126 Jams, Syrups, Baked Goods 2023
Keeley's Kitchen T143-11114 Baked Goods, Candies 2023
Pure Bloom T143-11307 Baked Goods,  Buttercream (lab tested - non tcs) 2023
Spooky's Culinary Curiosities T143-11917 Baked Goods  2023
Cake Creations by DeAnn T143-11132 Baked Goods 2023
Cabin Fever Sweets T143-10711 Syrup 2023
Greengold Acres T143-11928 Jams, Fruit Butters, Breads, Spices 2023
Garden Spot Girls T143-11243 Jams, Fruit Butters, Baked Goods, Fermented Foods 2023
Cloud Crunch T143-11941 Candies 2023
R.E. Arends Orchard T143-12013 Baked Goods 2023
Cindy's Confections T143-11017 Baked Goods 2023
Sprinkled With Love T143-11783 Baked Goods 2023
Our Grandma's Kitchen T143-11230 Baked Goods, Buttercream (lab tested - non tcs) 2023
Whisked T143-10726 Baked goods 2023
Cookbook Kitchen  T143-11016 Baked Goods, Candies 2023
On the Rise T143-12194 Baked Goods 2023
Crumbles on the Counter T143-12195 Baked Goods 2023