Return to Work/School LetterS RESIDENTS PEORIA CO

If you have been contacted by a contact tracer:

If you have been in touch with a contract tracer and set up for electronic symptom monitoring through the Health Department, you can generate your own release letter once quarantine/isolation is complete (i.e. the day of release). For example, if your last day of quarantine/isolation is 10/15, you will have access to the letter on 10/16. 

On the day of release, open the end of the symptom monitoring survey link sent via text or email on the final day. The system will recognize the monitoring period has ended and allow you to enter the email address where you would like to receive the letter. You can also go back to your last health assessment text or email, on your release day, and will be given the option to provide an email address for your release letter.


Peoria County residents:  If you have NOT been contacted by a contact tracer:

If you are a resident of Peoria County and have not been in touch with a contact tracer or did not participate in electronic monitoring, email with your name, phone number, address and county of residence, who were exposed to, and the date of your last exposure to the person. Alternatively, you may request a letter from your physician. Please read the FAQ section to review the quarantine and isolation timeframes. If you are NOT a resident of Peoria County, please contact your local county health department for instructions.