COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

75Local Statistics and Information*

  • Peoria County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 23,240
    • Total Deaths: 340
      • Peoria County is reporting four (4) additional COVID-19-related deaths:
        • Female, 40s, with known comorbidities
        • Male, 50s, with known comorbidities
        • Female, 60s
        • Female, 80s
  • Tazewell County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 16,910
    • Total Deaths: 281
      • Tazewell County is reporting two (2) additional COVID-19-related deaths:
        • Female, 60s
        • Male, 70s, who was a resident of Generations at Riverview in East Peoria
  • Woodford County:
    • Confirmed Cases: 4,802
    • Total Deaths: 84

*Provisional data as of 5/14/2021 -- 3:46 p.m.

State of Illinois Statistics

Vaccination statistics by County:

Statewide metrics to move to Bridge Phase:

COVID-19 Data for Peoria County 5-14-21

More COVID-19 Information for Peoria County

Weekly In-Depth Reports

Want to see more numbers and view trends? View COVID-19 Surveillance Reports to see local, state, and national weekly data. Please note, there is some delay in when we receive this information, therefore reports are typically 2 weeks behind the current date. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Survey Report 2021

The Peoria City/County Health Department Community Health Policy and Planning Office developed a plan in October 2020 to gauge the community's readiness to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when the vaccine became available. Download the Report here.

Contact Tracing

Do you need to follow up with your contact tracer for a return to work/school letter, for guidance, or help during isolation and quarantine? For people with positive COVID-19 results, you can contact your contact tracer at (312) 777-1999. This number is only for those who have already spoken with a contact tracer. If you are awaiting your COVID-19 testing results, please follow up with the testing site or the instructions given to you at the time of the test.

Business Compliance Guidance

Concerns about a business not being in compliance with State of Illinois mitigation guidance should be directed to the RestoreHOI website:


For volunteer opportunities, please fill out forms located on the Heart of Illinois United Way website:

Peoria County COVID-19 GIS Map

While the GIS Dashboard will be updated throughout the week, please note that depending on the time of day the daily count numbers are released, those numbers may not align with the time of day numbers are updated or represented in the dashboard.

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