Lead in Water Wells - Special Study Now Open

We know that lead is harmful to health – especially the health of children. We know that drinking water in cities with public water systems can contain lead. What we do NOT know is if lead is found in private water wells in Illinois.

While public water supplies have strict regulations and oversight related to lead, there is not much data on lead in private well water supplies. Lead in drinking water can damage brain development in children, and progress to kidney damage in adults, as well as other health concerns.

Residents of Peoria County served by private water wells are encouraged to participate in a special research study conducted by the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University, with assistance from Peoria City/County Health Department, to test for lead in private water wells. Testing is free and open to 75 participants through April 2019. Direct results of all well testing will be shared only with participants.

To qualify for participation in the lead in well water study, you should:

  • Live in Peoria County (homeowner or renter),
  • Be served by a private water well,
  • Call Peoria City/County Health Department 309-679-6161 and answer a few quick questions,
  • Have a quick home visit with a project team member to review use of the free test kit,
  • Test the well water and ship samples to the laboratory in a prepaid shipping container, and
  • Receive test results by mail in about two months.

Additional information on this study: