Community Health Assessment & Plan

Community Health Indicator Report

This Community Health Indicator Report (PDF) highlights Peoria County's progress on various health benchmarks including causes of death, risk and protective factors, and socioeconomic indicators.

Community Health Improvement Planning

Community health improvement planning is undertaken in the tri-county area by the Partnership for a Healthy Community which is a community-driven effort to improve health and wellness in Central Illinois. Multiple organizations, sectors, and the public participate in population health planning to identify and prioritize health needs and quality of life issues, map and leverage community resources, and form effective partnerships to implement health improvement strategies in Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties.

Using actionable data to identify health needs and priorities, including those related to health disparities, health inequities, and the social determinants of health, the Partnership for a Healthy Community is led by Peoria City/County Health Department, Tazewell County Health Department, and Woodford County Health Department, as well as community health systems and agencies to develop the Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.

Data Analysis & Collection

The Community health Needs Assessment study includes detailed analyses of secondary data to assess information regarding the health status of the community. In order to perform these analyses, information was collected from numerous secondary sources, including publicly available sources as well as private sources of data.

Additionally, primary data were collected for the general population and the at-risk or economically disadvantaged population. Areas of investigation included perceptions of the community health issues, unhealthy behaviors, issues with quality of life, healthy behaviors and access to medical care, dental care, prescription medications and mental-health counseling. Additionally, demographic characteristics of respondents were utilized to provide insights into why certain segments of the population responded differently.

Health Priorities

Ultimately, the identification and prioritization of the most important health-related issues in the Tri-County region were identified. Consideration was given to health needs based on:

  • Magnitude of the issue (i.e., what percentage of the population was impacted by the issues
  • Severity of the issue in terms of its relationship with morbidities and mortalities
  • Potential impact through collaboration

The priority areas for the partnership for a healthy Community 2020-2022 include the following:

  •  Mental Health
  •  Substance Use
  • Cancer (Breast/Lung/Colorectal)
  • Healthy Eating + Active Living. 

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