Due to COVID-19 Emergency Response, Peoria  City/County Health Department may have limited services  in some program areas.  

Environmental Health applications, variances, and other documents are accepted by email, fax, or mail. Email Environmental Health or Fax:  309-679-6174.

For additional services for appointments or for directions to make payments, email Environmental Health (or call 309-679-6161). No walk-ins accepted.

General Well  Information

Preventing Illness Transmission & Contraction

The Environmental Health Division strives to prevent waterborne illness transmission and contraction by:

  • Reviewing plans and issuing permits for private wells.
  • Issuing permits and conducting inspections for closed loop wells.
  • Inspecting new or repaired water well systems.
  • Issuing permits and ensuring proper sealing of abandoned wells.
  • Sampling private and non-community water wells.
  • Investigating complaints.
  • Providing water testing kits ($10)

Available Testing Kits

The water test kits are available from the health department test for coliform and E. coli bacteria. Test kits may be purchased in our office for $10. Test results are usually received by our office in 7 to 10 days, after which we will inform the homeowner of the results through the mail.

Abandoned Wells

State regulations require abandoned wells to be sealed because they are a threat to groundwater supplies and a safety hazard to children, animals, and adults who are unaware of the opening or insecure covering on the well or it is level to the ground.

Because of these openings, an abandoned well on your property may be an entryway for pollution to reach your current well or other nearby wells. Property owners that have an abandoned well(s) on their property should contact a licensed water well contractor to have the well sealed in accordance with state code.