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State Amendments - New!

  • (1/1/2023) PA 410 ILCS 180 - Latex Glove Ban  - A food service establishment may not permit employees to use latex gloves in the preparation and handling of foods. 
  • (1/1/2022) SB2007 - Home-to-Market-Act- Expands cottage food sales (foods allowed to be made in private homes and sold to the public) to include sales at fairs, festivals, vendor markets, as well as pickup and delivery sales. 
  • 1/1/2022) SB1846 - Child Beverages - Denotes that a restaurant shall, by default, offer only water, milk, milk alt, or juice with a children's meal sold by the restaurant. 
  • (5/17/2021) Bridge to Phase 5 Executive Order   - New mask and social distancing guidelines in Illinois
  • 6/1/2020) PA101-0495 amends the Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act, adding section 3.08 Food Allergy Awarenessto require all restaurants to display a notice indicating to consumers that any information regarding food allergies must be communicated to an employee of the restaurant. 
  • Allergen Sign (PDF)

Local Amendments - New!

  • (1/1/2023) Amendments to Chapter 10 Food Safety of the Peoria County Code were made to include:
    • Adoption of Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) Food Emergency Guidance  by reference to assist with Food Salvage during Food Safety Emergencies such as fires and flooding.
    • Added placarding requirement.  The license holder shall post a placard or sign in a location in the food establishment that is conspicuous to customers that notifies customers that "a copy of the most recent establishment inspection report is available upon request."
    • Added Farmer's Market Permit, Permit Fees, & Permit Rules (see Farmers markets page for more details).
  • (5/1/2021) Amendments to Chapter 10 Food Safety of the Peoria County Code Section 10-29(D) were made to include:
    •  ALL required Certified Food Protection Managers (CFPM) to have additional Allergen Training
    • All new or extensively remodeled food establishments shall have a 3-compartment sink for ware washing
    • Hard copies of all training certificates for CFPM, Food Handler Training, and allergen training must be available for review at time of inspections
    • All food establishments connected to an onsite wastewater treatment system shall have an inspection of the system prior to approval to open and operate, and annually to be reviewed at time of inspection or submitted with their license renewal
    • All food establishments connected to a water well shall provide an inspection of the water supply system and satisfactory water samples prior to approval to open and operate
    • New License Type - Multi-Event Temporary Food Service Establishment 

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